Study after study shows that women are underrepresented at every level of the workforce and women returning to the workforce face systemic barriers.  The WBW program offers a structured approach that enables women to return to the workforce after a hiatus.


Our story

Akraya’s Co-founder Sonu Ratra knows what it’s like to return from a career break.  17 years ago, she left a lucrative job to spend time raising her young daughter. But when she wanted to return to work, she was met with closed doors. Sonu believes that companies overlooked her because of the employment gap on her resume. However, persevering in her job search, she managed to find a role that allowed her to build a career for herself and be a role model for her daughter. This experience made Sonu realize there needed to be a better way.

It wasn’t until mid-2015, when Sonu and her friend Suparna Vashisht were discussing the possibility of creating a structured approach for companies to help women returnees, that the idea for Women Back to Work began to come together. Sonu had been helping women return to work through the staffing firm she helped found, Akraya, and Suparna had been mentoring women and leveraging her network to help women returnees. With Sonu and Suparna’s collective vision and passion, and Akraya’s talent acquisition experience, the Women Back to Work program was formally launched.

Powered by leading Staffing firm Akraya, the Women Back to work program empowers women returnees by introducing them to WBW partner employers who understand the value of this unique pool of talent.