Women Back to Work

As a woman returnee, the WBW program offers you resources and guidance to assist with the often difficult task of reentering the workforce after a hiatus.  We are committed to helping you land a job in the shortest time possible by making every effort to match you to existing roles at WBW participating partner companies. This is a place where you can connect with mentors, advisors, get tips and above all, get the support you need.  The WBW program is always free for women returnees.


We understand how daunting it is to look for a new job after a hiatus from the workforce. You need to create a resume, practice interviewing, search through job postings, write cover letters, and so much more. And then there's social media. How do you leverage, or create, a LinkedIn profile? It can all be so overwhelming. That's where Women Back to Work comes in. We are committed to helping you land a job in the shortest time possible. And the first step is to simply apply.

This program is always free for women returnees.

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There's so much to learn and we're here to help.

Power Hour
Our Power Hour is held once per week on Tuesday's at the corporate office of our staffing partner, Akrya. We meet at lunch time and use the hour to address any pressing questions for our WBW candidates about their job search. The goal of Power Hour is to keep your job search moving forward by coming up with solutions for any job search related issues you are facing.

Returnships are high-level internships that act as a bridge back to work for experienced professionals who have taken a career break. They are professionally-paid, short-term employment contracts with a leading employer with the possibility of an ongoing role at the end of the program. Participants take on meaningful work based on their skills, interests, and prior experience.

Get matched with a leader in your field to get inspiration, encouragement, and guidance as you navigate your way back into the workforce.

The regularly scheduled WBW workshops include resume writing, social media, personal branding, interviewing, and much more.


We are told that meeting other women who are returning to the workforce is one of the most rewarding aspects of the Women Back to Work program. This is why we encourage networking and facilitate the exchange of information between returnees as much as possible.

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