Ways to Engage

Our clients can have an immediate impact on their diversity goals by hiring qualified women returnees in contract/temporary/contract-to-hire roles or full time roles. WBW allows our partners to hire quickly and evaluate the talent pool before committing to a full time hire.

hire WBW candidates

We are told over and over by our partner companies how thrilled they are with WBW hires. They cite maturity, work ethic, and dedication as some of the most common reasons they partner with WBW to tap in to this unique talent pool. Sound interesting? Reach out to us today and we can help you include women returnees in your hiring process. Click here to inquire.

full-service returnships

Our Returnships are an excellent way to engage the WBW talent pool. We will bring 40-50 prescreened women returnees to your corporate campus. The half day event includes speakers from WBW as well as leaders from your organization.  The women returnees are qualified in advance to match your job openings. Your hiring managers, talent acquisition experts will be impressed with the quality of the talent we can bring to these events. The "Returnship" events are extremely rewarding and inspiring for everyone involved. Interested in contacting us to learn more about hosting a Returnship? Click here to learn more.

Women Back to Work "Returnship" event at Equinix, Inc.

Women Back to Work "Returnship" event at Equinix, Inc.

Click here to read more about our event at Equinix.

Host a Power Hour at your Corporate Campus

WBW will bring a smaller pool of women for a “lunch & learn” session to your campus. It’s an opportunity for women returnees to hear from experts in your company and for you to make an immediate positive impact.


encourage company employees to be wbw mentors

Mentoring WBW members is an extremely rewarding experience for both parties and often leads to long-term, rewarding professional relationships. Mentors usually meet with candidates over lunch or coffee to discuss resumes, interviewing, networking, and other challenges related to getting back into the workforce. Click here to view our Mentors.