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Rolling Out the Welcome (Back) Mat
Did you know that more than 2.6 million women in the U.S. hold college degrees but do not work outside the home? And 40% of American mothers have reduced their hours or taken time off for caregiving, with 27% leaving the workforce entirely. (read full article)


Hot Job Market is Wooing Women Into Workforce Faster Than Men
Gaby Gemetti thought she was failing. After having a second child, she struggled to be a good mom and also a good employee. "I felt like I wasn't a good mother," she says. "I was waking up in the middle of the night thinking about, 'Oh, my presentation,' or just work in general." (read full article)


Community Impact Individual Champion: Her Mission is to Help Women Reclaim Careers
Sonu Ratra knows firsthand the challenges women face when they return from a career break. The Akraya co-founder confronted those challenges when she left a lucrative job 17 years ago to spend time raising her daughter, Ananya. When she wanted to return to work, she hit a brick wall. (read full article)


Back to Work
It's early in the morning, and Margaret Seery is standing in front of the mirror, thinking about what to wear. She has stood in this spot so many times before, but today feels different. It is different. (read full article)


How Companies Like PayPal Help Women Get Back to Work After a Career Hiatus
Shashi Dokania left her finance job for four years to raise her second child, who had a medical condition, but the 36-year-old found that even with an MBA, the journey back to work wasn’t as smooth as she thought. (read full article)

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