The purpose of Women Back to Work is to create systemic pathways to facilitate reentry of women into the workforce. 

Study after study shows that women continue to be underrepresented at every level and women returning to workforce after a break face systemic barriers.  The WBW program offers a structured approach to enable women to return to workforce after a hiatus. 

Powered by Akraya Inc., a leader in the staffing and talent acquisition industry, our systematic approach includes skills assessment, augmentation training, and mentoring which help women returnees hit the ground running and sets them up for workplace success.  Women returning to the workforce will have access to networking opportunities and continuous engagement. WBW is a free resource for women returnees.   



Women Back to Work aims to introduce skilled, career-ready women to participating partner companies seeking individuals who will make a positive impact on their business while adding diversity to their workforce. There are many ways to participate in the WBW program



"With great success comes an even bigger
responsibility to our communities."


"If something has always been done a certain way,
now is usually the best time to do it differently!"