Full-Service Returnship

Our Full Service Returnship is the most comprehensive and effective way to engage talented women looking to return to the workforce after a hiatus. 

first off, What is a Returnship?

Returnships are basically internships for professionals looking to return to the workforce after a hiatus. Their hiatus usually involves raising children, caring for sick loved ones, or recovering from an illness themselves.  

The Returnship itself is typically 12-16 weeks in duration, offers pay that is commensurate with an individual’s experience, and provides additional training and mentorship. At the end of a Returnship, employers have the option to hire Returners as full-time employees. 

The goal of a Returnship is to reacquaint returners with the culture and pace of today’s work environment in a collaborative and supportive environment. 

and what is a “returner”?

Returners are defined as individuals with existing work experience who have taken an extended career break for a variety of reasons. Returners can be male or female but are predominantly women.

what is a “full service” returnship?

Returner organizations offer a variety of services. But most simply introduce their Returners to the companies they are partnering with and let the company take it from there.  

WBW is different. 

Our Full Service Returnships are the most comprehensive and effective way to engage talented women looking to return to the workforce after a hiatus. This approach is a true partnership between Women Back to Work (WBW) and our clients. Although we can tailor the program to any company’s needs, here is how it typically works. 

  1. Company works with WBW to identify 5 to 15 returnship slots. These slots can all be for the same role or they can be broken into a few different roles with multiple women for each role. 

  2. Backed by the full recruiting resources of a leading staffing firm, WBW gets to work sourcing, screening, and preparing candidates for each role. Hiring Managers simply need to interview a small number of fully screened candidates and select the best fits. 

  3. Returnship Kick-Off Event. This is often the most highly anticipated event of the Returnship. Rather than explaining it here, it’s best to read about one from the perspective of a returner. Click here to read more. 

  4. Soon after the Kick-Off Event, the selected returners begin work. Workshops, mentorships, and training are all included and are decided upon based on input from WBW and the company. 

  5. Once the Returnship period ends, the partner company has the opportunity to hire the Returners as direct employees of the company. (We love every stage of a Full Service Returnship, but this is our favorite.) 

Our Full Service Returnships are a true partnership between our partners and Women Back to Work. WBW’s program is designed to help companies tap into a high caliber talent pool with minimal effort. That’s because we go beyond a simple introduction.  

You can always count on WBW to present returners that are a great fit. 

Cisco partnered with Women Back to Work for an amazing Full-Service Returnship.

Cisco partnered with Women Back to Work for an amazing Full-Service Returnship.

what is the benefit to my company of a full service returnship?

There are numerous benefits to conducting a Returnship and engaging women looking to return to the workforce. Here are just a few: 

  • Improved gender, age, and cognitive diversity  

  • Access to a unique, highly professional talent pool  

  • Experience has shown that returners have an incredible work ethic  

  • Returnships allow you to assess a returner before hiring permanently  

  • Support for a female talent pipeline  

  • Improved broader attraction and retention  

  • Cost-effective recruitment  

  • It feels good. We get numerous emails from our clients telling us how impactful Returnships are on a personal and professional level.  

i’m not ready to commit to a full service returnship. Are there other options?

Yes, we also offer Contingent Hire Returnships and Direct Hire Returnships.

what people are saying

Our full-service approach that includes sourcing, screening, training, and placing qualified, highly-talented returning women generates results that our returnees and clients rave about.  

You and your team are doing work that is truly meaningful and transformative for these ladies. I’m honored to be part of the returnship and the returners’ journey.
— Cynthia Hsu, Strategic Planning Lead for IoT, Cisco
High-quality organization and candidates.
— Larry McAlister, Vice President of Global Talent, NetApp
A key difference is the deep relationship that WBW has built with their clients.
— Margaret Seery, WBW Returnee
You and the WBW team have gone above and beyond in every respect.
— Nathan Sheranian, IoT Business HR Leader, Cisco