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Workforce Re-entry Workshop for Women

Santa Clara, CA – On Saturday, April 30 at 1pm, Co-Founder and President of Akraya Inc., Sonu Ratra and Chief Marketing Officer of GSV Labs Diane Flynn will conduct a workshop on strategies and solutions for re-entering the workforce at the Open Forum 2016 conference held at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Whether it’s for medical, family or other reasons, re-entering the workforce after a break of several years is a significant challenge for professionally qualified women.

Ratra is tackling these challenges by leveraging her staffing and recruiting firm’s resources to establish “Women Back to Work”.  WBW is an Akraya initiative free to women re-entering the workforce.  Similarly, Flynn has founded ReBoot Career Accelerator for Women with the mission of educating, inspiring and empowering women to re-start their careers and pursue new goals.

The two entrepreneurs join over 50 of Silicon Valley’s brightest:  C-Suite, Founders and VPs in this one-day event.  OPEN Forum 2016 offers networking, panel events, workshops, inspirational speeches and fireside chats.

Register for the session, which is a part of a whole day event organized by Open Forum Silicon Valley.