Women Back to Work aims to introduce skilled, career-ready women to participating partners seeking individuals who will make a positive impact on their business while adding diversity to their workforce. There are many ways to participate in the WBW program. 

                   As a  Job Seeker

                  As a Job Seeker

            As a  Participating Partner

           As a Participating Partner

             As an  Advocate

            As an Advocate

                     As a  Mentor

                    As a Mentor


We understand how daunting it is to go back to work after a hiatus! 

As a woman returnee, the WBW program offers you guidance to reenter the workforce and find a suitable role.  We are committed to helping you land your first break in the shortest duration possible, by making every effort to match you to existing roles at Akraya's customers and WBW participating partner companies. 

We hope you will tap into the Women Back to Work community, participate in our Linkedin conversations and our events.  

We are building an entire community for you. This is a place where you can connect with mentors, advisors, get tips and above all, get the all support you need.  

This program is free for women returnees.


Boost your diversity and create a positive impact

Companies have a desire to add women in technology and other specialized skills to the workforce.  Women Back to Work offers you access to an under-leveraged, cost effective pool of qualified and highly talented women. Our program will help you meet and improve your diversity goals and create a positive impact.  

You are welcome to participate and contribute in several ways—host WBW events such as informational meet-ups, hiring events, boot camps and/or brown bag lunches. You can include our women returnees in your selection process for contract or full time permanent positions and also work with us to develop a "returnship" program.

If you are looking for a highly talented pool of women in Technology, Engineering, Management, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, Marketing, HR and Administration and are willing to give someone at second chance at their career, you are at the right place.

If you’re interested in being a part of this program, email us at wbw@akraya.com.


Spread the word by introducing the WBW program

Most of us have friends or family members who have experienced challenges when returning to work. If you feel you can spread the word about WBW, here are a few things you could do:

  • Introduce WBW to colleagues, hiring managers, family and friends
  • Share your job search tips and experiences with us (especially if they’re relevant to women returnees)
  • Write a relevant blog post/article
  • Help others in your network register with us

Suggestions on the program are welcome at wbw@akraya.com


Be a coach & create a lasting impact

Women returnees need someone to inspire, guide and encourage them in their job search process. We are building a pool of mentors from diverse backgroundssuccessful executives/managers, leaders (irrespective of gender) and women returneeswho have perspective and insights to share 

As a mentor, you will be matched with a WBW candidate.  Your charter is to advise them and be their champion as they navigate their way back to work.  You are also encouraged to attend WBW events.

If you feel ready to come onboard as a mentor, get in touch with us for more details on what we need from you in terms of time commitment. Please note that this program is totally voluntary.  

Interested? Please do fill up this quick survey link and also email us at wbw@akraya.com.