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Women Back to Work is a unique organization that helps bridge the gap between women returning to work and companies looking to hire qualified, professional women of varying ethnic, racial, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds.  

Gender diversity in the workplace is a competitive advantage. Studies have shown that it improves productivity, increases creativity, improves insight into customers, and positively affects the bottom line. The more gender diverse the workforce is, the more successful the company is likely to be.  

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Studies have shown that having women at in the workforce boosts collaboration, reduces employee turnover, improves company recruitment efforts, and has a positive effect on the bottom line. In fact, a recent McKinsey report shows that the most gender-diverse companies are 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability.   

But there is a problem. Women are getting left out and left behind at the very start of their careers. 

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And the problem is compounded, especially for women of color, at each step of each promotion.

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Source: 2018 LeanIn.org and McKinsey Women in the Workplace study

The Untapped Talent Pipeline

Approximately 40% of women leave the workforce for a period of time. When trying to return to work, many of them get overlooked due to the gap in their resume. This is usually caused by an unconscious bias in the recruiting process. In addition, women returning to work also often undervalue their capabilities. This combination of factors leads to serious employment issues for many women.  

Powered by Akraya, a leader in the staffing industry, Women Back to Work aims to fix this problem. WBW creates a systematic pathway for reentry of women into the workforce at the appropriate level. Our approach includes skills assessment, job search training, and mentoring that helps women returnees ensure they are prepared and set up for success in their search for employment and beyond. 

We are proud to partner with companies who appreciate the skills, dedication, knowledge, and unique perspectives our women returners bring to their teams and organizations. We are flexible in our approach but offer three main types of programs to our partner employers to help them successfully hire returners. 

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