Employer FAQ

Why do these women take a hiatus from work?
There are a variety of reasons but the most common one is to care for others. Raising children and caring for an ailing family member are good examples.

Do returning women take their careers seriously?
Absolutely! We often hear how amazed our corporate partners are at the drive and work ethic returning women have. These women are usually excited about reapplying their brain power to a thriving and challenging work environment.

Is there a risk in hiring someone who hasn't work for a significant period of time? 
There is always risk associate with the hiring process. This is true when hiring college graduates, experienced professionals, or women returning to the workforce. This is why the WBW program encourages hiring on a contract-to-hire basis. This allows employers and women alike to evaluate fit before committing to a full time engagement.

What types of roles are returnee women interested in?
WBW candidates are seasoned professionals in Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Strategy, Supply-Chain, and more. Most are simply looking for an opportunity to prove themselves. They have fulfilled whatever duty it was that pulled them away from the workplace and are now looking to get back into the workforce in a full-time or contract role where they can contribute and apply their expertise. 

Are returnees up-to-date on tools and technologies?
The women who contact WBW are serious about restarting their careers. They often spend the time to figure out what knowledge is needed to land the role they want. In addition, WBW meets with all returnees to ensure they have the necessary skills and provides them with training options when necessary.

Do returnees need extra time off from work?
No. In fact, because returnees have been planning their return to the workplace, they often take less time off once hired. We consistently hear from hiring managers about the amazing work ethic and energy level of returnees.