We’ll Show You How to Hire Returners

Hiring Returners is a great way to find amazing talent. Our clients are always telling us how impressed they are by their Returner’s work ethic, passion, and energy levels.

But the sourcing, screening, and hiring process for Returners is unique. It takes a special touch to do it successfully. And because our ultimate purpose is to help as many Returners get back into the workforce as possible, we are offering a free 20 minute consultation where we’ll share with you the tips and techniques that get results. Give us 20 minutes and we’ll have you on your way to hiring Returners and increasing gender diversity within your organization.

Sonu Ratra  WBW Founder

Sonu Ratra
WBW Founder

Deepika Chhibber  Program Director

Deepika Chhibber
Program Director

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