Women Back to Work/Cisco Systems Mid-Career Returnship

Women Back to Work (WBW) has partnered with Cisco for an exciting 16-week paid mid-career Returnship for 14 returnees. This Returnship is in San Jose, CA and is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to re-enter the workforce. Benefits of the program include:

  • Re-acquaint yourself with today’s workplace.

  • Work with seasoned Cisco employees.

  • Attend “Return to Work” workshops.

  • Learn the latest tools and platforms used in your profession.

  • Network with many Cisco and WBW professionals.

  • Graduate with skills, tools, and relationships that you can leverage for future jobs.

The roles for the Returnship include Technical Program Managers, IT Analysts, Cloud Project Managers, Software Engineers, and Program Managers.

How do I apply?

Simply look through the job descriptions and apply if you find a fit.

If you don’t find a good fit for this Returnship, you can still send us a copy of your resume and we’ll keep you in our database for other current and future WBW opportunities. Either way, we’re excited to hear from you and look forward to helping you along your path back into the workforce.

(Have you joined the WBW Facebook Group? Its a great place to gain knowledge and support.)

what exactly is a “mid-career returnship”?

Returnships are high-level internships that act as a bridge back to work for experienced professionals who have taken a career break. They are professionally-paid, short-term employment contracts with a company. Participants take on meaningful work based on their skills, interests, and prior experience. Workshops and other events are often also part of a Returnship program. There is a possibility of an ongoing role for a few of the Returnees at the end of the program.

how does the returnship work?

Here are the major steps associated with the WBW/Cisco Returnship program.

Step 1

WBW/Cisco starts receiving resumes for the Returnship. Applicant credentials are reviewed and those who qualify are invited to an introductory kick-off event at Cisco.

Step 2
Cisco kick-off event. Selected Returnees interested in learning more will be invited to attend the Cisco Returnship event. This will be a 3 hour event that takes place in the morning.

Step 3
WBW and Cisco work together to narrow the field of women to 14 who will participate in the Returnship program.

Step 4
Tentative start date. This is the first official day of the WBW/Cisco Returnship. All women selected for the program report to Cisco for their first day.

Step 5 
Last day of the WBW/Cisco Returnship.