WBW Focus: Power Hour 

Since its inception in 2015, Women Back to Work has been striving to provide women with a career gap a jumpstart in their relaunch journey. WBW tackles the complex task of workforce reentry through a multi-pronged approach, empowering women to return to work fully equipped with the requisite skills and confidence. With a huge uptake in the number of career relaunch programs, a feature that sets WBW apart from its counterparts is its weekly Power Hour.   


Launching in 2017, Power Hour has grown from a modest handful of women showing up twice a month, to having the WBW Santa Clara headquarters bustling with returners every week. The brainchild of WBW founder Sonu Ratra, Power Hour was designed to address the unique needs of returners in the following ways: 

  • A Safe Space: Let’s face it, returning to work after a hiatus can be a confusing journey, leaving women returners feeling isolated from their working counterparts. It can be hard for returners to express feelings of inadequacy and frustration at being out of work before their family or friends; but Power Hour provides the perfect environment of acceptance that helps women lower their guard and express freely. When returners walk into the Women Back to Work offices, they are promised the assurance that information shared in confidence will always remain so.     

  • Support: The team at WBW is committed to providing returners with ongoing support throughout their return-to-work journey. Whenever a returner walks into the WBW offices, the team comprised of Founder Sonu Ratra, Co-Founder Suparna Vashisht and Program Director Deepika Chhibber is there to greet them warmly. There is a genuine empathy and understanding that the team brings to the table, drawing from their own experiences, and this enables them to connect with every returner on a personal basis. The WBW team understands the unique challenges faced by women returning to work, as they have been in those very shoes themselves. Returners can rest assured that they will always find the support they need, not just during the Power Hour, but afterwards as well. This assurance is what brings returners back to Power Hour week after week. 

  • An Opportunity to Network: An area that is crucial to their job search, but often overlooked by women trying to get back into the workforce is networking. Much attention is given by returners to up-skilling and resume writing, but without effective networking, return to work endeavors are left incomplete. Power Hour provides returners with a good starting point for networking. Meeting with other women in the same position, exchanging notes and sharing return-to-work experiences can help bolster confidence; and inspire women to cultivate a growth mindset. Most women leave a Power Hour session determined to get out and start networking. 

  • Learn About Industry Trends/Career Guidance: The team at WBW has their finger on the pulse of industry trends and shifts and can offer returners advice on how to successfully navigate the ever-changing career landscape. Every Power Hour session involves careful review of returner resumes by the WBW team, with advice on how to format correctly, as well tips on optimizing skills and work experience to improve call back rates. WBW also offers guidance on how to build your personal brand and effectively leverage LinkedIn in job search efforts. 

    (Read our Women Returnee Job Search Guide)

When one has a career break, sitting behind a computer and applying to jobs will not help. Returners need to step out and announce to the world that they are looking for a job. Attending the Power Hour is that first step. I always congratulate every returner who attends our Power Hour as that is when their job search truly begins.

-Deepika Chhibber, WBW Program Director
  • Career Workshops: WBW regularly hosts focused workshops and training sessions for returners looking to learn from and network with industry experts. One such Power Hour workshop was the ‘Career Conversations for Women in Technology’ in partnership with Sindhu Payankulath, VP of Network Engineering at Equinix. More recently, WBW hosted a ‘How, Who and What of Networking’ Power Hour session, conducted by Suparna Vashisht.  

  • Meet with Talent Delivery: A key differentiator for Women Back to Work is the fact that they are backed by Akraya, a leading IT Staffing and Consulting firm in Silicon Valley. This means that WBW has access to a database of hundreds of contract as well as full-time roles with large Fortune 500 companies and startups across the US. Returners are invited to meet with the Akraya Delivery team that sits at the Santa Clara headquarters during Power Hour to learn about roles that might be a fit for their profile. WBW has been able to offer a number of returners exciting relaunch opportunities at their clients this way. 



As the demand for diversity and inclusion increases in the workplace, Women Back to Work rises to meet this need through their vast pool of talented and career-ready returners. If you wish to be a part of this movement, send your inquiry to wbw@akraya.com.  

If you would like to attend any of our Power Hours, please find address and timing details below. No reservations required. Simply drop in on a Tuesday that works best for you. 

Every Tuesday from 12-1pm 

Akraya Inc. 
2901 Tasman dr, Ste 106 
Santa Clara, CA 95054