Impacting the Workforce, one Woman-Returnee at a time

A woman returnee with an outstanding global career in customer success. She decided to quit her job when it came to choosing between her career versus taking care of her mother battling Stage IV cancer. She says she chose to truncate the last 2 letters of careers and choose care. 

"A bilingual heart surgeon recently relocated from Barcelona working towards transitioning into a new career that will help her lead global impact in health care, an Executive coach with 15 years of experience guiding leaders who aspire to achieve greatness."

"A marketing professional who has developed winning campaigns and managed relationships with agency partners including India’s leading actor and celebrity Shah Rukh Khan. An award-winning author of a bestselling book that ranked 823 in 8 million titles on Amazon."

"A leader from a reputed Biotech on a sabbatical to explore life. In her role, she was a strategic leader defining operational strategy and tactics for driving Sales Operations vision and priorities, implementing innovative tools, and achieving optimization through business intelligence and analytics." 

The above are just a handful of profiles of our women returnees navigating their way back into the workforce. Study after study shows that women continue to face barriers while trying to re-enter the workforce after a hiatus. There are over a million professionally qualified women in the US, who wish to return to work after a career break, yet less than 40% report finding full time work. 

Here are a few salient features of the Women Back to Work Program:

Free resource for women returnees

We firmly believe that this program should benefit a broad base of women, and therefore the program is offered free of cost to women returnees. Having been in the exact same shoes of a woman trying to reenter the workforce, I understand only too well the anxieties, the fears and the self-doubt that assail many women returnees. Asking them to pay a fee is another barrier in relaunching their careers.

Actively helping with jobs

We are on a mission to help women return to the workforce. The women could certainly use some help in writing their resumes, polishing their social media profiles, but we have a bigger purpose. Our goal is to connect them to jobs, get them in front of hiring managers and Talent Acquisition leaders.

Akraya, being a highly reputed staffing company can open myriad work opportunities at our customers and partners. Walk into the Akraya headquarters at any given day and you will find women returnees in deep discussion with the recruiting team to evaluate where they can interview. Every few days we ring our celebratory bell in the office announcing the hire of another Women back into the workforce. It’s part of our DNA!

We have helped over 200 women find suitable careers and I’d like to invite women returnees to join this community and benefit from the Women Back to Work initiative.

Corporate Partnerships/Impact Sourcing

Together we do more: We are mindfully partnering with companies that are seeking to hire more women into their workforce or who’d like to specifically support women returning to work.

Recently, we partnered with Equinix, the world’s largest IBX data center headquartered in the Redwood City, to host a Women Back to Work event at their campus. We connected the Equinix team with 32 incredible women. Words cannot express the wonderfully positive energies of the day at Equinix. The room was energized and inspired by the courageous stories of the speakers, who had crossed very difficult paths towards re-employment. Women encouraged each other to take the next step and came away feeling highly motivated and confident about finding meaningful work -

We have a similar, successful and ongoing partnership with other companies, wherein we have connected them with hundreds of women candidates, while contributing to their gender diversity initiatives.

Power Hour and Mentoring

Women returnees can take advantage of our ‘Power Hour’ held every other week. It’s their hour to polish their resume, build their social brand, create and execute an action plan towards their job search. We are also developing a Mentor Program that matches women returnees with Industry professionals and experts. Additionally, we offer our office space for women who want to focus a few hours daily on their job search and need a professional environment to do so.

Women Veterans and Veteran Spouses

I am so thrilled to launch our next phase to include & support our amazing Women Veterans and Veteran Spouses. Our newest program is geared towards military spouses who have put their careers on hold because of their spouse’s service requirements and face unique challenges while trying to reenter the workforce.

Join me in my mission to support women returning to the workforce. Ask us how you can help at We’d love to hear from you.

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