Women Back to Work Success Story: Chinmayi Vembar

At Women Back to Work, we encounter hundreds of women, all with their unique story and set of experiences. We are incredibly fortunate to be in the position to help and make an impact on the lives of the women with whom we cross paths; and when we have a success story, we celebrate it! Read below about one such story- Chinmayi Vembar- who found WBW in 2017…

Chinmayi, an HR business professional with over 15 years of experience under her belt, relocated from India to the US after getting married, and hoped for a seamless transition. Believing that being in the Bay Area would provide ample work opportunities, Chinmayi worked on growing her skillset with a US based HR certification. But a lack of US work experience, and other extenuating circumstances like living in a remote location, and a long wait for work permits forced her to take a 3-year career break.

A strong resume and self-confidence weren’t enough to break into a tough job market, and interviews were hard to come by. Even with acing the interviews she did land, the jobs were eventually offered to local candidates. Stuck in a vicious cycle, Chinmayi found Women Back to Work through a friend and attended a Recruiting Power Hour lunch. This was exactly what she was looking for, and within a week of working with the Akraya recruiters, she had an interview lined up at an exciting pharma company. Akraya was effectively able to communicate her professional strengths while being upfront about the gap in her resume. A month later she was hired, and is now a part of a team that she loves and has been given a high level of responsibility. Chinmayi is a woman back on track thanks to WBW!