7 Tips that could make or break your resume  


1.       Keep it short:  

·         On average, a hiring manager sees about 20-25 resumes for every role. Nobody wants to read a resume that is more than 3 pages.  DOE resumes should range from 1 to 2 pages max!

2.        Keep it relevant: 

·         Include your most relevant work experience that is applicable to the role you are applying for.  As individuals, we are very proud of the work we have accomplished.  But if it doesn't relate to what you are applying for hiring managers may fall short of seeing how the dots connect.  

3.       Keep it honest: 

·          Most people looking for a job seem to have all the latest technologies listed on the resume. While that might land a few extra interviews, it pays, in the long run, to be hired for the skills you can honestly represent. 

4.        Technologies listed: 

·         Unless you are confident in your skill set and can hold your own in your interview don't list generic technologies and skills on your resume like “Google Docs”.

·         Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Google Docs- Basic proficiency in computer applications and interchangeable skills in Microsoft, Google, and Mac/PC are excepted and assumed of college graduates.    

·         Do add technologies when you have extensive knowledge that you can own the space in and provide examples.  An example in Excel would be data modeling and pivot tables.  

5.       It pays to customize:  

·         Every client is working with 50-60 vendors and given the volume of resumes, it pays to take the time to ensure your resume talks about the peripheral skills that could differentiate your resume from the pack.  

·         I’m not saying you should embellish but when you work over 10 years in technology, there might be tools you have used which are needed for a particular role that you might have overlooked to mention. 

6.        Formatting can make or break a second glance: 

·         Most resumes are glanced at for less than 10 seconds. It's important that the most important and relevant information is near the top left.  

·         Keep bullet points to the point and easy to read 

·         The visual flow should be easy to read just as much as the content

7.       Stories sell: 

·         Listing accomplishments over responsibilities can show how you made a difference for you past employer.  

·         Numbers, statistics, percentages get attention if you put in bold type.


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