Resume Tip: Choose the Correct Format

Resume tips can vary in their degree of importance. For instance, it's no longer necessary to include the formerly obligatory "References available upon request" disclosure at the end. While this may not seem like a huge deal, there are other tips that loom a little larger in their importance. Did you know that it is considered industry best practice to keep your resume to one page in length? That is, unless you have more than ten years of experience in your current industry. If you're an IT professional, however, all bets are off. IT people tend to gather ten years of certifications alone in one year of employment. Therefore, it is acceptable for job seekers in that industry to craft a resume of two or even three pages in length, depending on their qualifications, certifications, and experience level.

Perhaps the most important rule to follow when writing your resume, however, is to select an appropriate format. Here are four excellent selections to consider when making this potentially make or break choice: