The purpose of Women Back to Work is to create systemic pathways to facilitate reentry of women into the workforce. 

Study after study shows that women continue to be underrepresented at every level and women returning to workforce after a break face systemic barriers.  The WBW program offers a structured approach to enable women to return to workforce after a hiatus. 

Powered by Akraya Inc., a leader in the staffing and talent acquisition industry, our systematic approach includes skills assessment, augmentation training, and mentoring which help women returnees hit the ground running and sets them up for workplace success.  Women returning to the workforce will have access to networking opportunities and continuous engagement. WBW is a free resource for women returnees.   

Diversity and inclusion have been identified as key drivers of internal innovation and business growth. Gender diversity is a top priority in the workplace In today’s competitive talent market, WBW is better able to identify and access a large pool of qualified women ready to return to the workforce. Our participating partners are able to leverage this untapped pool of experienced, cost-effective talent in the areas of  IT/Engineering, Leadership, Management, Sales, Finance, Operations, Marketing, HR, and Administration amongst others.

WBW enables companies to boost their diversity goals, acquire valuable talent and create a positive impact. 

We are building one of the best programs for women reentering the workforce.  Ready to engage with us



With great success comes an even bigger responsibility to our communities.

As Co-Founder of Akraya Inc., Sonu Ratra has been an avid supporter of women’s empowerment. 

Sonu has utilized her vast network to help create opportunities for women in the workplace for several years.  She is actively involved in promoting women through Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and specific initiatives like IEEW's Peace Through Business.  A past winner of the Enterprising Woman of the Year Award, and Northwood University’s 2015 Outstanding Business Leaders Award,  Sonu is considered a highly motivated and focused thought leader in the staffing industry.

If something has always been done a certain way, now is usually the best time to do it differently!

Suparna Vashisht, a marketing and strategy executive, worked many years in Fortune 500 companies and then switched to non-profit organizations consistent with her personal passion for conservation, sustainability and social justice. A “Woman of Influence” awardee, she has regularly mentored women and used her networks to help them get back on track in terms of their careers. She personally experienced many challenges 20 years ago when trying to make a fresh start in the US, after a successful career in the UK and India. 

The idea progressed from a cup coffee in mid-2015.  Suparna considered reaching out to Silicon Valley companies to create a structured approach to help women return to the workforce.  Sonu had been enabling women to reenter the workforce and build successful careers for over 10 years through her personal network and at Akraya’s customers. With their collective vision, passion and Akraya’s impeccable reputation of over 15 years of talent acquisition experience, the Women Back to Work program was formally launched.