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Workforce Re-Entry Program for Women


What We Do

What We Do

Study after study shows that women are underrepresented at every level of the workforce. And women returning to the workforce face systemic barriers.  The WBW program offers a structured approach that enables women to return.


Our story

Women Back to Work was founded by Sonu Ratra, President and Co-Founder of Akraya, and Suparna Vashisht, who is a marketing and strategy executive. The idea progressed from a cup coffee in mid-2015.  Suparna considered reaching out to Silicon Valley companies to create a structured approach to help women return to the workforce.  Sonu had been enabling women to reenter the workforce for many years and built successful careers for over 10 years through her personal network and within Akraya’s customers. With their collective vision, passion, and Akraya’s reputation of over 15 years of talent acquisition experience, the Women Back to Work program was launched.

If something has always been done a certain way, now is probably the time to do it differently.
— Sonu Ratra, President and Co-Founder of Akraya, Inc.