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Workforce Re-Entry Program for Women

Success Stories

Meet the WBW success stories

Women Returnees

Women who have made their way back to the workforce leveraging the WBW program and the Akraya network. Read about their journey.

                                      SUJATA J.

                                     SUJATA J.

“It’s important that women have a place like WBW to go to get career advice, guidance and network.  To have that kind of support during a challenging transition in one’s life is essential.”

Sujata quit her career to take care of her family and took a break for 9 years. She was placed at a consulting role and worked on a mission critical project at a large biotech company. 

She is now working as a Business Operations Director at Entytle.

                                        MISHA A.

                                       MISHA A.

“I think of WBW not only as a program to help you get back to the workforce but also as a platform of reinventing yourself and realizing your true potential.”

After a break of 6 years, Misha's challenge was to find a workplace which would give her a chance. But she kept persisting and added an MBA to her educational qualifications. 

She strongly believes in three things that are critical in getting back to work: building connections, persistence and keeping yourself abreast with the market trends. 

APIGEE hired Misha in People Operations.


                                       AMANDA B.

                                      AMANDA B.

“One of the scariest things is the unknown. A support program like WBW helps eliminate that fear, and has great value.”                                         

Trying to come back to the corporate scene was both difficult and intimidating, but once you've achieved your goal, it's very rewarding, says Amanda. 

Her advice to women is to never stop trying; after interviewing writing down notes of things you could have done better and not to underestimate your ability. 

Amanda joined Akraya in the sales and accounts management team.

Name: Arushi J.

Women Back to Work is a much needed initiative to help women return to the workplace. Even today, many women are faced with the tough choice between career and family. Sometimes women have to leave work to pursue other responsibilities. When they decide to rejoin the workforce, they find it difficult to pick up where they left off. This program gives women looking to reenter the workforce the much needed boost. Don’t be shy to reach a helping hand. Leverage this network and pass it forward.

Arushi is now with MasterCard as Head of Enterprise Security Solutions, Middle East and Africa.


Name: Caroline B

                        CAROLINE B.

                       CAROLINE B.

Caroline took a few years off her work as a Marketing and Operations Associate at a commercial real estate company to raise a family. She is now with SJ Leadership Coach overseeing office operations and administrative functions, including accounting, scheduling, project management and social media. In her free time, Caroline enjoys playing tennis, golf and volunteering with local philanthropies.