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Workforce Re-Entry Program for Women



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Not the End of the Road

Candice Trebus

Sona not only managed to return to the workforce after a hiatus but is exceptionally successful in her role and tremendously valued at her organization.   Sona’s and many such stories are the reason why we are committed to building the ‘Women Back to Work’ program as one of industry’s best. 

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After the break - 8 tips to launch yourself into work: Part 2

Anita Bora

Getting back to work can be daunting. Are you really ready? What kind of challenges are you going to face? The best bet is to be as prepared as possible for the challenges. We dealt with some of the issues in Part 1. In this concluding post, we focus on some more key aspects that you'll need to pay attention to as you gear up for your reentry into the workforce. 

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